Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are Elite Property Rentals?

Effective, efficient and informed property management, Elite Property Rentals highly regarded team provide end to end management for our clients by sourcing quality tenants, appointing reliable third party trade assistance and delivering top tier reporting services. You can be confident that our team works hard taking care of every detail to help your property grow.

What do you manage?

We manage tenant rental process and we deal with all communications with the tenant as the letting agent, including rent, property services and maintenance issues.

Are you a Leasing Agent?

Yes, we are a leasing agent as well as a residential property management company in which we employ highly experienced property managers to look after our landlords’ assets and secure the best possible return on their investment and offer a personalised service. We also treat your tenants with respect and privacy.

Can you help source tenants?

Yes, most of our landlords ask for our assistance in finding the “right” tenants, so we have developed an Elite Property Rentals model to do just that and save them money at the same time.

We are happy to manage the entire renting process, which is included in our property management fee.

What does your service cost?

We have a range of different rates and options for landlords. We advise an initial consultation in order to offer you the most suitable property management arrangement.

Do you have a list of contractors for maintenance if things go wrong?

We have a number of contractors available across Melbourne to fix and manage a variety of tenant maintenance issues.

If you collect the rent, how long does it take to be received?

We collect rent on varying weekly, fortnightly and monthly rotations. We then forward the funds within 3 days to a landlords nominated bank account.