The Cashflow

When the tenancy reaches its end and the tenant wishes to stay on, we don't believe in charging full fees to renew the tenancy, instead offering vastly reduced tenancy fees. We feel that where less work is involved by resigning a tenant, our fees should be adjusted accordingly.

Combined Reporting
We give you an annual combined report to help you with financing or to give to your accountant.
Flexible Payment Options
Changing conveyance and showcasing with enter capacities in client understanding and examination.
We Pay All Expenses
We pay all maintenance expenses and charge you a lump sum annually for hassle-free property management.
Zero Tolerance on Rental Payments
Absolute “Zero Tolerance” on arrears to ensure your rent is paid on time, every time.

Why Choose Us


Daily disbursements, rental payments to you, faster

Multiple Office Locations

Available in our Brighton or Hawthorn office to provide advice or to answer any queries you may have in person.

Maintenance Contractors

Trusted local list of contractors who we filter to ensure they are providing competitive rates

Excellent Customer Service

Small property manager to portfolio ratio to ensure that we can always be responsive to queries and requests to ensure the best customer experience

Key Benefits of Service

Coming to Elite Property Rentals to manage your property makes financial sense. We do not charge for rent collection, so most of our clients who rent through us also make use of this free service. Furthermore all and any interest accrued on the rent paid by your tenants is passed on to you instead of being kept by the agency. We charge no project management fees for smaller projects, allowing us to maintain your property at no extra cost. We do however have a percentage based property management fee.

  • Flat fee for property management services
  • Transparent fee structure

Service Capabilities

Elite Property Rentals provide you with a monthly financial statement so that you can keep a close eye on your asset. Once a year we also provide a full statement for the financial year, making your life all the more easier. What's more, you will have access to a personal online property account, meaning you can view all the information on your property, in one place, at the click of a button. If you have any questions about our management service please contact us.