The Reporting

When it comes to hard facts, our systems speak for themselves. We believe in making our reporting simple to understand along with a transparent fee structure, powered by easy-to-use online systems. Unlike others, we don’t just stop at a standard annual rental review. We’re active property managers year-round, making sure you are actively informed all year around.

The Routine
We give you a detailed condition report plus outline suggestions for maintenance, which is all part of the service.
The Negotiation
We manage the renegotiation process between you and your tenant when a tenancy is due to expire. We take the hassle out of a new lease agreement, or simply continue a month-by-month arrangement.
The Review
We hold annual rental reviews, presented to you as a combined report. We issue the relevant notice in enough time to allow for the required 60 days’ notice.
The Arrears
We manage any issues if tenants fall into arrears, including an instant follow up all rental payments if more than three days late.

Why Choose Us


We love reports. So, we’ll give you a monthly statement, plus a full financial statement for the end of financial year. We also provide you a full report including recommendations and photos when the routine inspection has been conducted.

Boutique size

We have a small property manager to portfolio ratio, which means we can always to respond to queries and requests. This ensures an optimum customer experience, which gives you confidence in our performance.

Team skill

Leaving your property in our hands makes good financial sense. We strive to make your life easier, by providing you with all the accurate reporting information you need in a timely fashion. Our attention to detail means we take care to get everything recorded correctly, every time.

Key Benefits of Service

Effective, efficient and informed property management, Elite Property Rentals highly regarded team provide end to end management for our clients by sourcing quality tenants, appointing reliable third party trade assistance and delivering top tier reporting services. You can be confident that our team works hard taking care of every detail to help your property grow.

  • Monthly and annual statements
  • Yearly market appraisal of current property value for your rental
  • Valuable rental advice on improving the value and yield of your investment property

Service Capabilities

We’ll prove to you that leasing a property is as important to us as it is to you, and keep you fully informed as we continue to work together.

Want to get the most out of your asset? Want proven experts to look after your property? We are here for you.